Australia offers plenty of great hotel deals if you know where to look for. Individual hoteliers and hotel chains in Australia tempt travellers from all over the world with promotions, deals and discounts on nightly rates – but with so many of them, how to know which cities in Australia offer the best hotel deals? You don’t need to look for them alone. provided us with a list of cities in Australia which offer the best deals for hotels!

Lower prices for accommodation around the world, including Australia, are as pleasant for travellers as they are confusing. After all, how are you supposed to know which of them are indeed attractive, and which are just made to appear so and lure you into booking your stay? Judging by the recent statistics, it appears that over 70% of hotel deals are not better than the standard price. In such a situation, it is best to trust independent experts.

The best last minute hotels in Australia compiled a list of cities which have proven to offer genuine deals. While you can check particular deals in-depth (including hotels) at their website, here is the list of cities which offer the best value-to-price ratio on accommodation:

• Sydney, New South Walers
• Melbourne, Victoria
• Perth, Western Australia
• Hobart, Tasmania
• Brisbane, Queensland
• Darwin, Queensland
• Alice Springs, Northern Territory
• Adelaide, South Australia
• Cairns, Queensland
• Gold Coast, Queensland

Considering these are the largest cities in Australia – in most cases, the capitals of their respective states, it comes at no surprise that they offer the best hotel deals. This is due to the fact that they have the largest competition when it comes to trying to attract travellers coming to Australia.

Hotel discounts and attractive nightly rates

Travellers willing to visit Australia should remember that each state of Australia offers a different set of things to do, but also may present a different climate. It is a very diverse country which provides something to the liking of every traveller – one just has to decide what it is that he is looking for and choose accordingly. From great beaches to the desert, and finally, modern art, everyone is sure to find what he is looking for in Australia. And now, this is possible cheaper than ever before!

Tomek Prentki