Baroque Lifestyle’s Reimagined Online Publication Inspires Readers to Live Life Beyond Reality

Baroque Lifestyle’s Reimagined Online Publication Inspires Readers to Live Life Beyond Reality

New York, NY, 2020-Aug-24 — /Travel PR News/ — The Baroque Group’s relaunch of its magazine division has a renewed focus on pushing the limits of lifestyle publications like never before. The magazine seeks to merge luxury, adventure, trends, and holistic energy into a biting online publication. The very essence of each well-curated article is meant to evoke mouth-watering emotion through scenic descriptions and tantalizing excursions into the story behind some of the most bleeding-edge luxury products and travel experiences across the globe. This New York-based brand seeks to meet the needs of a diverse global audience and unite international masses under a banner of moving human experiences.

Baroque Group mastermind, Founder, and CEO, Sahle Ghebreyesus, has big plans in store for the publication and has pulled out all stops to gain traction through visionary leadership, strategic guidance, leveraging a family of companies with resources to back the brand, and best practices within SEO. Under the direction of Editor in Chief, Abigail Baker, the magazine’s radical new vision is not for the faint of heart. When asked about the magazine’s redefined concept, Baker commented, “Dreams might just be the thing that saves us, especially right now. I really want to transport people to different places and merge the raw beauty of nature and innovation to shine a bright light on luxury, trends, and travel that’s fresh, bold, new, and different from the other modern luxury publications. Think National Geographic meets Robb Report, with a sprinkle of Tech Crunch, a splash of healthy living, and shaken with Vogue. It’s time to be bold, and being able to draw from the incredible work that the entire Baroque Group does every day has given the magazine a clear runway for takeoff. “

Baker has plotted out a full editorial calendar for the remainder of 2020 that includes a journey into luxury brand features, and a new twist on travel such as revealing the hidden mysteries of the Felicite Island of Seychelles and why it’s a must-see destination, and an online digital art gallery curated by local artists. Baker encourages readers to, “Get ready to fall in love, drool, gasp, and get outdoors,” after partaking in Baroque Lifestyle’s unique luxury lifestyle publication experience. An aggressive publishing schedule consists of a minimum of seven new articles per month that will be published in the magazine’s digital luxury travel publication and supported through the magazine’s social media platform.


Founded in 2007, the Baroque Group is a leading company with expertise across multiple industries, offering a 360-degree solution and personalized services and utilizing expert Agents. This expertise enables us to provide a comprehensive range of unparalleled services across platforms in the hospitality, leisure, tourism, and real estate industries. With a holistic approach, Baroque Group ensures a latitude of luxury and custom-curated services ranging from aviation, yachts, and travel to properties as well as an all-access concierge service. Our team spreads out from New York across the rest of the globe, which allows us to offer seamless arrangements worldwide. This approach results in flawless travel experiences from start to finish, completely tailored to meet each person’s particular preferences. Today we have seven divisions, each providing personalized and professional service with a strong dedication to creating tailor-made solutions, leaving our clients free to focus on other more valuable aspects of their time.



Editor in Chief, Abigail Baker